T-6B Texan II

Oil on Panel   24"x36"  SKU8049 $3000


24"x 36" Oil on Panel  SKU8050 $3000

Pair of F-16's

24"x36" Oil on Panel  SKU8051 $3000

Fed Ex A300

Oil on Panel 24"x36" SKU8052 $3000

F-86 Sabre

20"x30" Oil/Panel          #6070                  $2300

F16 Aggressor

24"x36" Oil on Panel  SKU8039 $3000  

FedEx 767

24"x36" Oil/Panel  #8021   $3000

F-14D Tomcat

24"x 36" Oil on Panel   Not For Sale

Boeing Vertol

24"x48" Oil/Panel     #8022   $3700

Phenom 300

24"x36" Oil on Panel  #8023  $3000

Phantom Sunset

24"x36" Oil /Panel     SOLD

F-86 Sabre Jet

24"x36" Oil on Panel  #8024    $3000

Spitfire MK 9

24"x36" Oil on Panel      #8009     $3000

X15 Rocket Plane

24"x36" Oil/ Panel   SKU8040   $3000

Spartan C3

24"x36" Oil on panel NFS

F-16 Hill AFB

20"x30" Oil on Panel SKU6087 $2300


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