About the Artist

Colorado artist Joe Milich has been drawing and painting most of his life, now in his 56th year as a free lance artist. Joe likes to paint in an impressionistic style, by direct observation of the subject directly to the canvas. He is more concerned with color, light, shadow, texture, and brushstrokes than exact detail, as in a photographic image.

He is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Art (now School of Art and Design), studying under the instruction of its reknowned founder, Philip J. Steele. Prior to that he served in the United States Air Force as an illustrator/artist at Lowry AFB, Colorado.

In addition to painting landscapes, Joe loves to paint still lifes, cars, fire engines, airplanes and more, Joe has also spent nearly 46 years creating a vast pen and ink Aviation Art collection. See his Aviation Art website displaying nearly 1500 different illustrations, available in a couple sizes and several different formats:  http://aviationartofjoemilich.com

Joe can be reached at his studio in Cedaredge in Western Colorado by calling 970-856-9012.